The best haircuts for different hair

The best haircuts for fine hair: 7 stylish options

The best haircuts for fine hair: 7 stylish options

There is no doubt that haircut is an essential part which completes the person’s look. In this perspective, it is important to choose a flattering one. The main objective for women with fine and thin hair is to create additional volume. We formed a list of seven different haircutting and styling choices which will be perfect:

  1. Classic Bob;
  2. Pixie;
  3. Layered and Feathered Hair;
  4. Asymmetrical Haircuts;
  5. Beach Waves;
  6. Side Bangs;  
  7. Classic Bangs.

Here on the site you will find more options.

Classic Bob

The biggest advantage of bob is that it looks good on each hair type including a thin one. The reason it works is that bob creates a certain shape which fine hair needs. Short and medium lengths are the best in this situation. 


Pixie is one of the best options for women with thin hair. Considering the fact that all hair strands are short it makes it easier to create texture and volume. That is why many women with this type prefer pixie.   

Layered and Feathered Hair

Layered and feathered haircuts are absolute champions in our list. As we already established, the main goal is to create additional volume and that is why it is best to stay away from straight hairstyling as it will look flat. Layered haircuts, on the other hand, work great as they give texture. You will find more hairstyle examples there.

Asymmetrical Haircuts 

Asymmetrical haircuts will be flattering for thin and fine hair. Creating asymmetry, one can give a good shape. It will help to conceal problems that women can be dealing with such as lack of volume and shape. Moreover, these types of haircuts are really trendy now. Women can create their own unique asymmetrical haircut that will not only highlight individuality but also be flattering for thin and fine hair. Link to see more options.

Beach Waves

Women can use this technique on different haircuts from medium to long hair. Beach Waves look flattering on fine hair as it has a volumizing effect. Moreover, if you have long and thin hair, it is the best option as simple straightened styling will look flat. 

Side Bangs

Side Bangs are definitely an option that women with fine and thin hair should consider. The reason it works is that they give a volumizing effect and can conceal such disadvantages as flatness and shapelessness. In addition to this, side bangs can be styled as feathered or layered which will also look great. 

Classic Bangs

Classic Bangs have been around for many years and are proven to work overtime. This would be a suitable option for women with fine and thin hair as it helps to give a haircut a good shape and make it look visually thicker. If you consider choosing a haircut with bangs, you should be aware that it requires regular styling that might be challenging. Nevertheless, the result will be absolutely worth it. 

To conclude, nowadays fine and thin hair is not a sentence for a woman in any way: there are lots of choices that will help conceal some disadvantages and make the look perfect. In this article, we made a list of seven options that one can choose from.