The best haircuts for different hair

Textured haircuts for fine hair

Textured haircuts for fine hair

In the modern world trends are changing everyday and sometimes it may be hard to follow all of them and, moreover, choose something perfect for you. If you want to look fashionable, stylish, beautiful, and it so happens to be that you have thin and fine hair, then textured haircuts are an ideal option. Here are some:

  1. Bob with Bangs;
  2. Pixie;
  3. Beachy Waves;
  4. Layered Strands.

Bob with Bangs

There is no list of haircuts for thin hair that doesn’t have bob and for a good reason. First of all, short or shoulder-length bob is an opposite of flatness and a synonym for good shape and volume. It will wok especially well if you choose to have side bangs as it will provide additional texture. In addition to all advantages, it is extremely trendy now. So, want to look good and stylish – textured bob is for you. 


Another good option for thin hair is pixie. It may seem risky at first, but if you are not afraid of bold choices and are ready to rock short haircut, this variant is for you. Different length of strands automatically gives you volume and texture and you thin hair will never look flat and shapeless. 

Beachy Waves

This option is more suitable for women with longer hair. Considering the fact that it is much harder to create texture on long haircuts, beachy waves are an absolute styling need for women with thin hair. Instead of leaving it straightened and risking of emphasizing the fineness, it is better to make subtle beachy waves for texture. Moreover, there are so many tools nowadays that will basically make it for you without any special skills. 

Layered Strands

Last, but not least in our list are haircuts with layered strands. It is a big group and its main characteristic is that there are several layers of hair with different length. It is one the best choices for thin hair as it helps to create shape and texture and avoid flatness. These haircuts will also work on almost any length from short to super long. You can also use any styling techniques for this cut from tight curls to subtle casual waves. 

There is no doubt that haircut plays a crucial part in creating a balanced and stylish look. Sometimes women with thin hair may find it difficult to choose a flattering haircut that will hide the bad and emphasize the good. We are sure that this lost with textured haircut options will be useful and you will be able to find something perfect for you.