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How to hide tape in extensions in thin hair

hide tape in extensions in thin hair

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Girls with thin hair often struggle to find hairstyles that allow them to confidently wear their hair down without drawing attention to their extensions. That’s where tape-in extensions come in, offering a discreet and natural-looking solution for adding volume and length to thin hair.

How to thin hair without thinning shears

thin hair without thinning shears

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If you have thick, layered hair and want to achieve more volume, there are ways to do it without using thinning shears. Here, we will discuss some expert tips and techniques for thinning hair.

How do you make thin hair look thicker?

Everybody wants thick and beautiful hair. Moreover, if you have already tried all the hairstyles for thin hair, like on this article, you have to follow certain hacks to make your fine hair look thick. Don’t worry Lady. It is ok to learn these hacks.

Rapunzel. Does something strike the grey matter of your brain when you hear this name? Of course, and that shall be long, beautiful and lustrous hair whose length has no ends.

You can apply mousse to your hair starting from roots and then until the ends. Wash it and blow-dry and see the magic.

To make sure your hair is completely dry from inside, use your fingers instead of a comb. Comb your hair with your fingers from head to below and blow-dry it.

Don’t bring the dryer too close to the cuticles otherwise, and you will end up making your hair look frizzy.

Pull your hair strands with your fingers away from roots or scalp, and this will create a puffy look or a thicker look as you are lifting each hair strand and giving it some volume. After having done this, use your hairbrush to style your hair.

Parting your hair can also decide whether your hair will look voluminous or not. Instead of a middle parting go for a side parting. Parting your hair in one direction every day can make your hair look it sticky and thus it will look flat and thin. Keep changing your directions of parting your hair, and this will change the appearance completely.

Using a conditioner can change the course of your hair and style

Almost every woman uses a conditioner to make sure her hair looks shiny and soft, but too much of a conditioner can ruin your hair styling. So instead of using it after shampoo, use a conditioner before shampoo and see the difference.

This process will create a great texture to your hair and will add volume.

A few more tricks like teasing your hair can do wonders. Combing some part of your hair backward can make it look thick and voluminous. If you are a ponytail girl, then instead of taking all of your into the band, take only half portion into a ponytail and then push the other half from the below and then tuck it in. This will change your impression on the concept of a ponytail.

Use dry shampoo sometimes and give that hair some rest and go for sunglasses instead to hold your hair. This will add both style and volume to your look and hair respectively.