The best haircuts for different hair

Short haircuts for thin hair: why fringe is a good option

Short haircuts for thin hair: why fringe is a good option

It is not a secret that in the last few years short haircuts have become a hit all around the globe because it looks both stylish and trendy. They are also perfect for women with fine and thin hair as it makes it easier to style and add volume on short hair rather than long. Here is the list of suitable options:

  • Bob with Classic or Side Bangs;
  • Pixie;
  • Asymmetrical Haircuts. 

Bob with Classic and Side Bangs

There is no surprise that this haircut is the first in our list: it is by far the most popular choice for women with both short and thin hair. In order to conceal the main problem of fine and thin hair, which is flatness, one can choose bob with classic or side bangs. The latter will be even more suitable as side bangs create even more volume. As for the styling techniques, it is better to avoid straightened hair. Short bob looks great with feathered strands. Moreover, it would be a good idea to use texturizing -sprays before styling to ease the process. 


If we are to determine suitable choices for short haircuts with bangs, it is impossible not to mention pixie. Although it gained its popularity in the 1950s, pixie is very trendy now. There are different versions of pixie, but the most common include very short hair on the back of the head with slightly longer bangs on the side. Pixie would be perfect for women with thin and fine hair as short strands create texture and give a volumizing effect. As the styling goes, simple feathered strands with bangs are generally flattering and relatively easy to make. Therefore, pixie would be a good choice for those with short and thin hair.

Asymmetrical Haircuts 

The last, but not least choice for short and thin hair are asymmetrical haircuts of different kinds. They can be characterized by the absence of a standard shape and length of strands. One of the most common variants of asymmetrical haircut is one with short strands that slightly differ in length on the back of the head with prolonged side bang. This technique helps to avoid flatness that women with fine and thin hair by creating additional volume. Moreover, asymmetry gives the opportunity to create a unique shape that will be flattering to a woman. Speaking about the styling methods, the same as other short haircuts one can make the hair strands feathered and textured to have more volume. Consequently, asymmetrical haircuts are suitable for women with short and thin hair. 

To sum everything up, women with fine hair can face some challenges choosing a flattering haircut. Nevertheless, we created a list of different choices that will help in the process. The best options of short haircuts with bangs for thin hair are bob, pixie, and asymmetrical haircuts.